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To date, that’s been the typical assumption, “there are others”, it backfired, hugely, on those who chose to ass-u-me BK was guilty & damned the torpedoes, just saying it, to date, has been enough. The big targets they went after first, almost everyone was attached to “it was an open secret” that this was their behavior traits. Then they ran out of obvious targets & started treaded in not so safe waters, they went after Morgan Freedman. All they had were some tapes of some “creepy uncle” comments & Morgan had his say & it went away. Seems like they left the Hollyweird pool of suspects & hit the political realm, predictably Trump. Despite our constant protestations that we didn’t vote Trump for pastor nor youth minister, they appear slow to learn. I think you’re right, they expected over the last 36 years, surely BK has offended someone. To their utter dismay, oops, apparently, totally inappropriate target. These tactics will eventually sink this movement. Other than Weinstein, who obviously has some problems, the others have had enough $$ to slip into obscurity. Still nothing but crickets for prosecuting Moore, once the objective was met, he lost the election, no need for anything further. I’m guessing, esp after this travesty, some are becoming suspect. We can’t safely maintain this vigilante style of justice against perceived wrongs. It must remain innocent until proven guilty for us little folk.
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