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Wow. So much stupid. I'm not sure where to begin.
We're they United States. We're not the United States of New York and California. Hillary Clinton won California by more than 4-MILLION votes. Trump lost the National Popular Vote (something that doesn't exist) by 2.8M votes. IOW, the entirity of his NPV deficit can be found in a single state. Without California, Trump wins the NPV by over 1.5M votes.
James Madison and his friends knew that the nation would be made up of disparate states that represented HUGELY different cultures driven primary by the (let's call them) city-states like NYC/NY, BOS/MA and Phil/PA and the Agricultural states which didn't have these ENORMOUS centralized population centers. Those pronounced cultural differences would lead to a kind of bifurcation between the agriculture states - which had a much smaller population and the city-states. But, for the nation to exist as a nation, it needed to protect the interests of the smaller population states because those states were absolutely critical to the nation's economy. If those states felt like they were getting constantly steamrolled by the city-states, they'd simply leave (or refuse to join the Republic).
NONE of that has changed today. The reasons for the cultural bifurcation are somewhat different today than they were in 1790, but the bifurcation still exists.
Without the sanity of the Electoral College, the nation's president would be picked by the state that has had the greatest level of immigration the last 25-years. IOW, we would outsource our national election to foreigners.
No thanks. BTW, like gwbnyc, I learned this in elementary school. Apparently, we no longer teach civics in public school anymore....and that was probably part of the plan.

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