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Let's fact-check a bit here...As an ignorant-liberal-socialist stooge during the 60's, through 80's I always thought it was National Review which was the purveyor of urticarious and divisive nonsense. When I later got "woke" it seemed to me the Daily News was the more sensible, the NY Post the more tabloid and sensational NY paper. Now? It seems the NYT's and Daily News vie for the most divisive, skewed and intellectually dishonest rags still fighting for newsstand display space in NYC.
Nowadays folks should be forgiven for wondering what is the difference between the cult of "diversity" espoused by the Dems et al which is only acceptable as long as it is uniform and homogenic "diversity".
What a head scratcher...for the new commentariat who have taken the left at their word that they actually mean a single word they say. Of course they don't! They are in fact lying!
Questioning the media's bias existed decades before Trump came along. I even think Trump may have stolen this issue from us poor slobs. Calling out a leftist lib like De Blasio for complaining that some news outlets don't march in lock step uniformity with the leftist progressive agenda doesn't really need a paid professional media watcher. It just needs the average slob news consumer.
The 70% of the public who think the news is biased wasn't just brainwashed by the news media was it? The fact that some arrogant, inept, political ideologue complains because the media doesn't worship him like Kim Jong Un or Barack Obama doesn't really warrant this kind of column.
De Blasio's imperiousness is standard liberalism on display. As Herman Munster sums up below...
"Why is Trump mentioned here?
The "lingering alt-right darkness" really weighs on the Dems. From the Dems historically standing united against abolition, desegregation, anti-lynching laws, etc, etc. now standing united for racial determinism, racial solidarity, racial identity and righteous black-shirted mobs in the street enforcing ideological purity, there is simply zero comparison.
Think about it French! Have you been played? What's the MSM's agenda? To paint not just Trump, but Conservatism itself as simply a thinly disguised veil for all the reprehensible and totally imaginary phobias which they believe rule all of conservatism? "White privilege" (like yours) is the new enemy, it begets Racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, Xenophobia and whatever is the next fashionable phobia du jour they can throw at you.
Did the vehemence and violence implicit in the Twitter trolls during 2016 election unnerve you? Do you imagine these were legitimate grass roots voices of some "alt-right" underground rearing its ugly head? Is it just possible this whole "alt-right" meme is simply another manufactured chimera created to side track and hi-jack political discourse? What do you think the Antifa mobs and their media and political allies like all the Dem Party leadership will subject you to when the time comes? No need to worry of course as long as you remain below their radar and your voice is of no consequence.
FOX News gave wall to wall coverage to the supposed "white nationalists" staging demonstrations in DC and Charlottesville. They probably garnered maybe what, 40 or 50 people total from their vast national underground of support? For the past couple decades or so the left has been telling us that racism is the deep dark root of all anti-left politics. They have used that accusation to silence anyone who objects to any part of their agenda. A year ago, a guy who was diagnosed ">schizophrenic" and associated with a similarly marginal racist gathering drove his car into a crowd killing an innocent person. This literal nut was taken as the embodiment of the dark forces of racism gripping not just Trump but all conservatism, all white folks, all opposition to the left.
There's none. zero. evidence Trump, Republicans, conservatives support any racial identity politics. When Trump made his usual truncated inarticulate Tweet that "Some are good people" he obviously was referring to the wide range of intellectuals, conservative and otherwise who take issue with tearing down historical monuments. I believe some of those same voices have been hear at NRO.
Your stupid analysis of that incident and this week's routine acceptable show of force by the Dem/Left/Media consortium just lays the groundwork for the very real and increasingly dangerous behavior of not the "alt-left" but the regular, mainstream, grass roots, liberal/leftist/media establishment that insists no position opposing them is legitimate and is rightfully suppressed.
Keep your head down French, in 2020 I'm sure there'll be another McMullenesqe anti-Trump person to support and no Antifa, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Warren, CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC/NYT's inspired mobs will deign to threaten you and yours. Ain't democracy great?
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