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Here's my #METOO story: Recently, the daughter of my best friend (both of whom say they are conservatives), left a paralegal job because of a problem she was having with one of the male lawyers (I like to use the Anglo Saxon word -- not the French). She claimed the male lawyer had said some inappropriate things to her after she had gone out to a bar with him and a group of other lawyers and gotten drunk. Apparently, he had told her she was a pretty girl. When she confronted the lawyer about his comment, the married lawyer said that he had not meant to offend her and that he considered her to be like a daughter. It is also important to mention that the daughter of my best friend confronted the lawyer after she had been advised that she was not performing satisfactorily at work. Another incident happened when the lawyer asked her to pick-up a male detective who works with the agency and drive him to the firm. She says the male detective flirted with her all the way back to the firm, so she couldn't perform errands like that anymore. The bottom line was that my best friend's daughter didn't like making copies or running errands for the law office, so she wanted to quit and used the first excuse that she could think of. In her defense, I will say that university immersed in a victimhood mentality from the moment she stepped foot on the campus, and apparently she has offered little resistance. I compare this story to my niece, who was doing some intern work at a publisher. Her supervisor was rude, shouty, and at times unreasonable, while my niece performed all tasks asked of her with her usual good cheer and sense of humor, and work ethic. After the internship, this curmudgeon of a supervisor gave her a sterling reference, which led to my niece finding a wonderful job at a premier publishing concern. The tale of two woman: one a victim and the other an accomplisher.
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