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I think you're right. He's a paper-pusher. I've said it before, my first thought on French was he would be offering analysis supported by his legal expertise and real world experience like Andrew McCarthy. Since he had a military background I looked forward on his take in that area. Then I started scratching my head with some of his early pieces on Trump's candidacy. Then came Corey Lewandowski. French was making all sorts of assertions based on nothing.
I remember the Washington Post reporter who was her big witness claiming to have seen the bruises forming on her arm immediately and within seconds after she was "assaulted." But the video shows her wearing long sleeves? Then her photo of the "bruises" didn't match the area he brushed past as he passed her and the brief contact that he had made. I could have done an entire piece debunking the lies she told. Nothing supported her claims. And yet French continued to declare that she was brutalized.
After that he's done a series of articles on various police shootings where he appears to know little about the criminal justice system and can't even apply the actual law to what he is talking about--just citing a statute by cutting and pasting the section isn't enough. His whopper about how the police should apply statistical analysis to their split second decisions on whether to use force or not was breathtaking.
Imagine dealing with an ever evolving, dynamic situation that is taking over a period of seconds--and the officer is supposed to factor in a study on the probability that a shooting might take place in that particular area? I guess the officer's dying words would be "This can't happen! The study said there was only a 2.7% chance that a shooting would happen in this neighborhood on a Thursday during September? I guess I should have focused more on the actual circumstances of "this" incident and the actual behavior of "this"suspect.

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