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Oh, where to begin?
“Barack Obama refused to “pivot to the center” when he got the nomination in 2008. Instead, he brilliantly blew up the standard model by increasing turnout among minorities and young people.”
Brilliantly isn’t a word I often associate with Obama, maybe how he “brilliantly” took the country to the edge of the cliff that “brilliantly” brought us Trump. Not sure how difficult it was to get out the vote for the first African American President. I know many who voted for him b/c of the historical significance of voting for him. It was breaking the glass ceiling, it indicated forward momentum on race relations. I had several friends who took off work the Wed after the election to party. There’s a reason he had less votes the 2nd term, the shine had somewhat dulled. If I were going to apply “brilliant” to a political precedent it would be Trump’s success at gaining 31% of African America support, up 13% from the previous rating & highest % since Dole IIRC. That’s brilliant.
“The GOP didn’t moderate under Obama, either. Trump, blessed with an ideal 2016 opponent in Hillary Clinton, adopted a mirror-image strategy to Obama’s and torqued up white turnout.”
Wait, what? Trump was “blessed” with the ideal opponent in Hillary? I thought this was a runaway victory for Hillary, just go to you tube & listen to the echo chamber of how Trump would never be president, it won’t happen, it can’t happen. Rachel Maddow started her show the AM after saying “Yes, you’re awake. This isn’t a dream. This is our life now”. Listen to the ever increasing disbelief of commentators when the results were coming it, the more states he won, the more profane the language. Listen to the cacophony saying Hillary was so far ahead in the polls why even have an election? Is this a glimpse of admission that they knew she wasn’t a “winnable” candidate? I’ve heard all the reasons why Trump shouldn’t be president, hell, we still have an investigation going nearly 2 yrs now, to determine if he stole the election. Now he won because Trump had an ideal opponent?
“For both parties, the notion of appealing to the center, or simply expanding their coalitions, faded from collective memory. The challenge for the GOP in the long run is that this strategy depends on an ever-shrinking supply of white voters.”
This sounds a little racist. Could you image if that statement was made about any other ethnicity? Is he saying that only white people could possibly be conservative, that it’s a Caucasian party? I take offense to that last sentence and not much offends me in today’s world. The only thing missing is the ever-shrinking Christian, white voter. Conservatism is a big tent, it’s an incredibly welcoming tent. I feel safe saying if I were to walk into a Dem campaign office & said I’d like to help but I’m pro life, do you think they’d open their arms to me? They’ll take my money but my conservative beliefs just don’t meld with theirs so, no thx. Look how they eat their own when they dare say anything positive about an R, ex: Mark Duplass & the actor rom Queer Eye. They turned on Jenner when he/she vacillated on same sex marriage. I think Trump loves any American dedicated to the American dream. He’s a patriot who didn’t have to do this. Yes, I know he throws his share of insults but come on people, just yesterday 350 papers ganged up against one man, don’t talk to me about a fair fight. Why in heaven’s name are so many “powerful” people afraid of one man?

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