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A funny thing happened on the way to a hearing....
Someone decided to pursue an allegation of an attempted assault & rape, the thing is, that certain someone who needed to accomplish this can’t remember anything about the crime except the first & last names of the 4 people in attendance when this, ahem, alledged crime occurred. Funny thing is all 4 of those individuals have now come forward & none of them know anything about it, the girl (who originally was supposedly a 4th guy) has stated she doesn’t even know the accused.
The someone who was apparently the perpetrator of this alledged crime heard the claim & w/o hesitation, w/no need to take a moment & search the recesses of his mind & w/no fear of contradiction, he unequivocally declared it not true & hasn’t wavered or changed the rebuttal since the inception, even b/4 the name was given. Funny thing is, apparently after ten days of nonstop searching, it’s being proven as accurate.
🎶Clowns on the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you, here I am stuck in the middle with you.🎶 A citizen is being given consideration & accommodation with unprecedented access to the US Senate, unrivaled headlines to push the narrative, overwhelming support from total strangers, a country trying to be compassionate yet appropriately skeptical & yet Ms. Ford (sorry Dr. Ford) et al, is being contrary about an “arbitrary” day & date of the hearing & her required “conditions”. Funny thing is, when she wanted to “finally” seek “justice”, instead of going to the proper authorities, she went thru politicians & WaPo & exclaimed she’d “do whatever it takes to testify”. Wonder if she’s related to Colin Kaepernick?
After over a week of stalling, inane reasons for noncompliance, irrational demands required for cooperation to address her claims in the first place, we’re exactly where we were the Friday b/4 last, pre-allegation. A single, solitary citizen is trying to rewrite the sixth amendment w/o thought nor consideration for anybody else in the country & she has lots of village idiots supporting her. We are collectively being held hostage, the ransom she’s demanding is unreasonably high, the cost too much to incur. We’ve been thrust into this ongoing travesty b/c of a accusation that can never & will never be reconciled. If this is supposed to be funny, I forgot to laugh, I’ve never really been a fan of dark comedies.
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