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So, as of this AM, this is where we are:
After more than a week of fruitless searching, this is still what we have about the alledged crime; we still don’t know where it took place, whose home it was, who took her to the party & how she got home. 3 of the 4 accused, BK, Judge & Smyth have categorically denied it ever took place, that makes her 0 for 3, the 4th remains mum. Despite a devastating blow to the new super sleuth Whelan, no new evidence was recovered for BK & still no apology from DiFi.
Accuser still maintains she never intended to go public & the attorney she hired commenced a back -n- forth with the Senate. The demands were various, mind numbing, unbelievable & maddening, I vascillated between a wide range of emotions, as did the public. By yesterday, final offer was commit to the Monday hearing by 10 PM, EST or we vote. In what I hoped was the last gasp of air, the request to let the accuser drive cross country b/c she hates to fly & we need 24 more hrs to decide on the “arbitrary” Monday date, as of now, Grassley gave her until tonight, crap.
We have Dems & others who have consistently weighed in on what should be done, the list is remarkable, in the “if I hadn’t heard it myself I wouldn’t belive it” kinda way. Just highlights: She deserves an FBI investigation; Ms. Ford is being bullied; BK should withdraw; Men should shut up & do the right thing; Only way to find the truth is NOT under oath; Making her testify is silencing her; She has the right to be believed; We stand being Ms. Ford, her allegations against BK are credible. The R Senators are all white men and old; A melded voice video released saying we stand with Ms Ford, we believe you, we’re sisters. They are still playing the same tune, it’s droning on and on and on and....
The Gentlemanly scholars were more than gracious in trying to accommodate the accuser, even offering to fly to CA to meet with her & agreed to the less offensive requests like security, no BK in the room & minimal cameras. They flatly refused the most ridiculous like BK testifies first, sending a supeona to “eye witness” Judge, allowing witnesses, no cross & no investigation. Grassley says he’s not normally indecisive, you sure about that?
This incident brought up some personal memories for me and for the 1st time in 40+ years, except for family & close friends, I shared them earlier this week. I will always maintain that the #MeToo movement is a dangerous precedent & we must maintain the core of our law “innocent until proven guilty”. In addition, the right to confront our accuser is the 6th amendment of our Constitution. I love that Dershowitz has said that BK should NOT be called a “perpetrator” or “guilty” without due process, the fact they’re doing that should terrify us all. He’s right and I hope that’s removed as a descriptor from BK’s name, it’s inappropriate. I’m praying or Senator confirm him as our newest SCOTUS. As they say, tomorrow’s another day....
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