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So here we are, it’s Monday, IIRC, today was supposed to be a hearing, hmmm, wonder what happened? Wish we’d been given an update in the news, I hate it when we aren’t informed, makes me feel like a mushroom, kept in the dark & fed 💩 all day.
This weekend was tough, you couldn’t escape it anywhere. We went to dinner Fri nite with friends & it was discussed, Sat. afternoon we stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant & two couples at the next table were talking about it, Sat. after lunch we went to the car dealership & it was on the TV in the lounge, Sun. AM we went out for breakfast & 9 of us talked over each across the tables, it was everywhere. Personally, I’m tired of talking, we need action.
Of course everyone’s worse fear was realized with the flushing out of another accuser & this one is as flimsy, if not more so, than the previous. I’m once again impressed that these women, after 35+ years, even after admitting she was plastered, miraculously remembers the freakin’ name of the guy who dropped his drawers & the names of others who were also there. None of those folks can recollect the event & Farrow admits he couldn't corroborate it but still ran w/the story. Seriously, was there a pot of gold & a leprechaun at the base of the rainbow too?
The “original” letter has finally been released to the world and in true government fashion the fonts vary, the text is distorted & after being told it went to Ford’s Congresswoman we see it’s addressed to DiFi. Apparently you can lie to a Congress member but not a Senator (that “reg” seems a tad self serving) so does this mean Ford can be charged with perjury after all? I dunno, it’s becoming more obvious it’s a farce & the way it’s been handled is criminal, literally & figuratively.
Once again, we have a bunch of women who, during Clinton’s presidency, shouted down the accusers. Some of the same women, along with the next generation of them, are telling us all that BK is a monster & Ford is a survivor, no courts needed, thx for saving the US taxpayer the cost of a trial & just declaring BK guilty (I must have missed the sound of the gavel). Then crickets from the same group not demanding, or even acknowledging, Ellison be investigated, they are collectively ignoring that woman’s plight despite evidence and reports to the contrary. This farce needs to end, BK has been unwavering & consistent in his denial and BK & the country deserves better. I wouldn’t be standing next to anyone doing the judging in the event they’re struck by lightening.
I have no idea what will unfold in the next few days. I couldn’t have predicted this past week. I never dreamt a single citizen would be trying to repeal the 6th amendment unilaterally & have lawyers & politicians supporting her in her quest. I never thought that within my lifetime I’d witness the most vile public character assasination advanced by the supposed highest officials in our country. They have the gall to ask for a postponement b/c of a crisis they’ve manufactured, it leaves me dumbstruck.
I must apologize in advance for the following redundancy, really. When I went to bed last night, I was hoping the song would leave my head but when I woke, it’s still there. So I’m gonna throw it out there again. 🎶Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you, here I am stuck in the middle with you🎶 - hope we can move past this position....
Published  2 days ago
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