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So instead of telling her she can show up today or Wednesday to be heard--prior to the Thursday vote--they gave her a week to smooth out all the inconsistencies in her story and prep to lie on a breathtaking scale while appearing believable. This will be a circus.
The Democrats will know the entire country will be tuning in, so expect them to repeat every lie they previously told to delay and scuttle the nomination. Expect Corey Booker and Kamala Harris to again assert that tens of thousands of documents containing secret information have been deliberately held back from the committee--maybe those are the documents that detailed the attempted rape of this poor woman!? Expect them to present this woman as a civil rights hero. Expect them to present this woman as a victim who's story has been confirmed. While the Democrats are speaking and being given every opportunity to present their lies, no one will interrupt and every courtesy will be extended by Senator Grassley.
Since the Republicans are going forward with this it would be nice to think that each committee member would not waste one second of time. Go right after her on the facts. Shred her ridiculous claims that she really didn't want this exposure--then why did she write the letter, take a polygraph, hire an attorney who's a Democrat pit bull, procure these therapy notes from six years ago, go over her story and scrub out anything that could serve as a marker that could be confirmed, then end with scrubbing her social media accounts?
Sadly, I'm thinking we'll see a Republican get 10 minutes to question. They'll waste four minutes preening for the cameras about their respect for the rule of law, the sanctity of the process--maybe a personal story about how they explained what all this means to their child. Waste a couple of more minutes praising Kavanaugh and going over his resume in the most boring manner possible, instead of hammering the accuser.
Finally, they'll start to ask a question of the accuser only to be interrupted by screaming idiots dressed in clown outfits and holding signs that were somehow allowed into the room past multiple layers of security. Senator Grassley will ask that the screamers be ignored and to allow the police to clear them out--but millions of American citizens will wonder why this was allowed to happen. How did these sign carrying morons get inside that room? The Republicans will look stupid. Democrats will interrupt as well and make idiotic accusations that will be left unchallenged. Back to the Republican who by now will be saying "Well, I see I'm almost out of time so let me end by praising the process and my role in it some more." Maybe end by thanking the accuser for coming forward because "In this country the citizenry get to be heard." About 15 seconds of the 10 minutes might be useful.
Maybe we'll be surprised?
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