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VDH clearly hits another fastball into the bleachers!
Not only are the Progressives/liberals/Democrats mad as hatters...they are venally evil in that they are now using their powerful propaganda tool, the lamestream media, to full effect for nefarious purpose. Mad as they may be, the know that if they can define the lexicon, they are in a very powerful position. In this matter...they have now defined "sin"...and now are able to capriciously identify the "sinner". Brett Kavanaugh is now the poster boy for this nonsense...clearly the Dems are substitution their new fave catchphrase "credible accusation" for "irrefutable evidence" or "innocent until PROVEN guilty". In their deranged state of mind, the Proggies clearly want to abandon any jurisprudence that doesn't play into their cats paw to smear or denigrate/derogate conservatives and Republicans. Clearly they want to pick and choose those facets of the law and the legal system that favors their madness...Mueller investigation = good...Kavanaugh innocence in the face of unspecific, ancient charges by a clearly Democrat operative = bad. They constantly twist themselves into beyond-Yoga logical and rhetorical tori that even Escher would envy.
We cannot let insanity and evil rule the day. We cannot be cowed into silence by deranged bullies, or grandstanding madmen/women. Logic and sanity MUST be prized somewhere...we just have to be willing to push back on the bullies harder than they push...fighting fire with hotter fire when necessary. A bully remains a bully until they get their first bloody nose.
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