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This article is not simply "deranged", this is not simply "unhinged, this is not simply a legal voice in the wilderness crying out to be heard...this article is insane!
My apologies to all those below who may have weighed in on this exact point. The incredible spectacle of a partisan political hack from a previous administration like Brennan, weighing in on crucial political and diplomatic initiative of a current President and repeatedly drawing on his status as the definitive source for all things classified, "If you only knew what I knew..." kind of references as he declares the current President a traitor, illegitimately elected, a despicable degenerate who will eventually be brought down by the righteous American people rising above this (fill in the blank) excrement encumbered offense to the world....and some now obscure NRO writer with a law degree noting with serious intonations that what we should be worried about here is not that we have allowed a partisan bureaucratic, ethics-free pond scum like Brennan to not only create an argument but to attempt to delegitimize in totality our President's election, etc and etc.
That point, this column this once respected guy has gone insane!.
Honestly I feel for Mr. French, but, until he can gather enough marbles together to weigh the serious issues thrust upon us by this unprecedented challenge from the the left on the whole notion of democratic processes, he needs to take a break.
This used to be a place of intellectual challenge and he and too many here choose to use their forum to simply vent their personal pique. It makes no sense. What an insane spin and quite the reach he's attempting to make his small sighted point.
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3 Jul 2018
Words fail.

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