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We have been in the ‘dangerous chapter of world history’ for decades already; and an important part of the dangers are an arrogant, incompetent western elitist types who have cut down, scarred, or otherwise passed on the ‘oaks’ of civilization instead of tending them. Trump would be wrong and dangerous if NATO wasn’t a faltering, unserious, contradictory masquerade of an alliance. Key European members sit at the NATO table, with grossly underfunded, unready, and incapable militaries relying on USA actual power and money to carry the load; and plainly state that they won’t even move to fulfillment of their obligations. Then they leave the NATO table and cross the street to the EU meeting where all talk/plans is how to check/rival/beat/control the USA. Well, which is it? America’s President has asked the questions and instead of straight answers, the arrogant incompetents gasp, insult and obfuscate. So does Goldberg. Raising the specters of the Terror, Nazis, and bloody shirts is dishonest and disrespectful dodging of people’s demands across the West for their liberty, their rights to self determination, and to respect and competence from their governments.
By the way jack@$$, Jessup wasn’t ‘on the wall,’ he was an arrogant, selfish shit incompetently leading his troops to disgrace and death; then throwing anyone else under the bus to save his own @$$. If you lack the ability to unravel a Tom Cruise/Demi Moore movie, maybe you should have some reluctance about constantly making claims about what President Donald Trump doesn’t understand.
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