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sundance quotes from Andrew McCarthy's piece - http://bit.ly/2Lcb2BR
"Make no mistake: This is nakedly politicized law enforcement. There is absolutely no chance any of the Russian officials charged will ever see the inside of an American courtroom. The indictment is a strictly political document by which the special counsel seeks to justify the existence of his superfluous investigation.
[…] Rosenstein made another telling remark at his big press conference. The Justice Department, he explained, will now “transition responsibility for this case to our Department’s National Security Division while we await the apprehension of the defendants.”
Now, stop giggling over that last part — the bit where we hold our breath until Russian dictator Vladimir Putin extradites his spies into the FBI’s waiting arms. I’m talking about the first part: Mueller’s case, the definitive case about what Russia did to interfere in the 2016 election, is no longer Mueller’s case. It is being “transitioned” — i.e., buried — in the Justice Department unit that deals with counterintelligence matters that do not result in public trials.
Rigging the 2016 election against him was suppose to end The Deplorable Revolution. FAIL. Russian collusion myth was the "insurance policy". FAIL. But Deep State remains totally invested in taking down Trump. As sundance states, "President Trump remains an existential threat to the business interests within the apparatus of professional politics." For them the JFK option is not preferred, but as Trump continues to expose what They did / are doing .. it may be the only one They have left.
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