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We have been in the ‘dangerous chapter of world history’ for decades already; and an important part of the dangers are an arrogant, incompetent western elitist types who have cut down, scarred, or otherwise passed on the ‘oaks’ of civilization instead of tending them. Trump would be wrong and dangerous if NATO wasn’t a faltering, unserious, contradictory masquerade of an alliance. Key European members sit at the NATO table, with grossly underfunded, unready, and incapable militaries relying on USA actual power and money to carry the load; and plainly state that they won’t even move to fulfillment of their obligations. Then they leave the NATO table and cross the street to the EU meeting where all talk/plans is how to check/rival/beat/control the USA. Well, which is it? America’s President has asked the questions and instead of straight answers, the arrogant incompetents gasp, insult and obfuscate. So does Goldberg. Raising the specters of the Terror, Nazis, and bloody shirts is dishonest and disrespectful dodging of people’s demands across the West for their liberty, their rights to self determination, and to respect and competence from their governments.
By the way jack@$$, Jessup wasn’t ‘on the wall,’ he was an arrogant, selfish shit incompetently leading his troops to disgrace and death; then throwing anyone else under the bus to save his own @$$. If you lack the ability to unravel a Tom Cruise/Demi Moore movie, maybe you should have some reluctance about constantly making claims about what President Donald Trump doesn’t understand.
By bobmontgomery
26 days ago


here to start. This, and the latest about Sarah Sanders being evicted from a restaurant in Lexington, VA offer a variety of related topics to rant about. First, why is it that we have an article published by National Public RADIO in the first place? What is it about RADIO that NPR doesn't understand and why are we taxpayers subsidizing something that is operating in an arena (the internet) which it wasn't chartered to do?


hey're doing it because nobody listens to the radio anymore, of course. And they've got to get their National Socialist Radio messages out any which way they can. As an aside, I'm also miffed that we're still supporting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or PBS, and we can't go there without being treated to fawning biographies of left wing heroes all weekend long, as well as revisionist histories of America's involvement in this or that. As well as enviro-whackoism and Multiculturalism Uber Alles.


ut even if there's some remote justification for the article, please skim it to get a flavor of the author's ridiculous, juvenile rant about how she is "appalled" the government officials eat in DC Mexican restaurants, or her suppositions about who is in the kitchen and everything else.

Secondly, it piques one's curiosity as to whether anybody in the investigative services of the federal government about whom we have heard so much the past two years is at all curious or perhaps even deigned to consider opening a preliminary investigation into whether there is an orchestrated, coordinated campaign going on, and by whom, to badger administration officials where they eat in public, and even, we understand at least in the case of Kristen Neilsen, to confront her at her place of residence. Somehow we have a feeling that there is and somehow we have a feeling that these things are not going to stop, but indeed are going to intensify.


f the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation can either take it upon themselves (or be used by the administration and friends) to infiltrate, surveil and plant false and misleading information to tarnish, smear and delegitimize the Trump campaign, surely those resources can now legitimately be brought to bear to protect the legitimately elected and appointed officials in the current government and to thwart, AND EXPOSE, the forces now engaged in the harassment, bordering on assault, obvious invasion of privacy and probably soon to be interference with the performance of official duties of administration officials and spokespersons.


ow, for Sarah Sanders to be actually KICKED OUT of a public restaurant over there in Lexington, VA brings to mind all of the civil rights cases, in days of yore and more recently with gayity of the wedding celebrations and the incense at NOT BEING SERVED. As we understand it, the American Civil Liberties Union has quit defending the freedom of speech, so I suppose they also aren't going to be up for seeking justice for Sarah Sanders in the matter of the Red Hen Restaurant denial of service episode. So my wonder is whether its about time to take a look at the ACLU and it's charter and it's mission statement and make a reassessment of its non-profit and tax exempt status. Senator McCain, a little help over here please!


nd with that, back to the District of Columbia. In my humble opinion, it has been the devil's playground for far too long. It is my understanding that if reservations are made far enough in advance, places like the National Mall can be utilized by the righteously indignant for demonstrations and speeches and otherwise peaceable assemblies. And also that the public at large, individually or in groups, can gather on the perimeters of government facilities and speak their minds. But I do not expect the fundamental freedoms to be corrupted and maliciously applied against private individuals in the conduct of their private lives outside their official functions, including their homes and on dining, shopping, entertainment or personal business excursions around the city.


ith that in mind, I would hope that the incoming Congress, with the House side led by Jim Jordan or someone even more right-wing than he, would begin to seriously re-assert Congressional authority over the District of Columbia, including but not limited to it's policing and law enforcement conduct. For one, that Marion Barry thing that went on in the nation's capital for years and years was abominable, and a magnificent example of Congress shirking it's duty. The District is not a State and the city of Washington does not fund itself, we do. We should demand that those who would harass, impede and infringe on the personal liberties and associations of people who work for us be prosecuted, jailed and then REMOVED from the District. They are not exercising free speech or peaceably assembling.


inally, to leap over to another area of my perpetual discontent, that free speech thing galls me to no end when I have to PAY for somebody to exercise it. So another arena where I would like to see the budget axe fall is on the National Endowment for the Arts, and the millions and millions of tax dollars funneled to, who knows whom and where, so that somebody can "express themselves".


h and one more thing. Once upon a time there was such a thing as the Federal Communications Commission and one of the things it did was to keep crude, lewd, obscene content from being broadcast over the public airwaves by the purveyors of broadcast entertainment. At first it was none of it allowed at all, then over time it was "Well, we'll loosen it up a little and not be so prudish, but ONLY after all the little kiddies are safely tucked in bed." Not so any more. The gutter talk and the sex jokes start in with the daytime talkies and continue through the early evening comedies. There is no refuge for the little tykes home sick from school, or wanting to watch the tube a little bit before bedtime. Even the "Disney" offerings these days have to be fashionably risque. So I guess my plea here would be a reassertion of decency and some semblance of traditional expectations in public human and professional conduct or, if that's to passe, then jettison the FCC so I can quit paying for that, too. FCC? Say, did I mention the F"E"C? There's another story.

Okay, I;m done now.

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