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Richard Jack Rail
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Send in the clowns? Don't bother, they're here

We in the real world laugh while shaking our heads at the Idiot Left.  Anymore that means just about anybody on the Left.

Nancy Pelosi and Goons represent the Old Left in terms of both policy and age.  New chick Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Legions represent the Newer Left ("Newer Left" because New Left was used in the sixties, and besides, it seems incongruous to style Nancy Pelosi as any kind of "new").

The Old Left pretends to have a kinder vision for mankind in its understanding of the Constitution.  These people don't just burn it up, though Barama did give that a good go; they try to make it sound at least as though they believe in the Bill of Rights and all that jazz.

It's true that they don't always try very hard, though.  Nancy doesn't always take it seriously, but juxtaposed with the Newer Left, she seems almost a hard-right constitutionalist.

Latecomer Ocasio-Cortez doesn't seem to have heard of the Constitution or the principles behind it.  To her, once you win office, you get to do pretty much whatever you want.  Just tell opponents to get used to it.

The Pelosi-Ocasio-Cortez clash came when Amazon's Jeff Bezos got to thinking about a second headquarters for his giant business in New York City.  Pelosi and Club were giddy at the prospect.  The world's richest man, right there where Cuomo and de Blasio could look over his shoulder!  The latter pair offered $3B in incentives.

This angered the neophyte socialist Ocasio-Cortez.  She-who-understands-nothing wanted the $3B in incentives to go to little people.  To her simple mind, that would only be fair.  Why did the world's richest man need $3B of taxpayer money?  What about all those little guys shivering on grates in back alleys off 42nd Street?

She didn't know that the $3B wasn't sitting around in a pile in a bank somewhere, waiting to be showered on some lucky lotto-winner.  It was, in effect, a stack of free passes for things like property taxes, zoning taxes, excise taxes, state taxes, assessments, liens, special issues...on and on, the idea being to entice Amazon to NYC because Amazon would employ lots of New Yorkers.

All this flew right over Ocasio-Cortez's pretty little uncomprehending head.  As should have been expected.

The thing about the American Constitution that the Left in any of its incarnations doesn't seem to get is that its fundamental goal and principle is to limit government, to keep its role in people's lives to the minimum necessary for law and good order.

The Left, recognizing no limiting principle, has no patience for such niceties.  This is why Ocasio-Cortez doesn't get it about incentives.  Her "limiting principle" is getting elected.  As the party in power, you do what you want.

Similarly, contracts have only dim meaning to Her Dimness, so she doesn't grasp that the Constitution is government's contract with America.  Just keep pushing hard left!  You're the one in office — go for it!

The non-Left can only watch incredulously as Ocasio-Cortez tears through commonsense political, economic, and legal thinking and precedent like a wrecking ball.  The girl is so entertainingly, so head-scratchingly clueless that one fights the temptation to grab her cheek and make baby noises.

With this know-nothing as the alternative, one almost wants to cheer Pelosi on.  Sadly, Nan's not really up to the task.  She can't remember from one minute to the next what town she's in or which president's in office.

This pair has for a change and for a while stolen the spotlight from Donald Trump.  Send in the clowns?  Don't bother; they're here.

Richard Jack Rail is a retired Army officer and high school teacher residing in Phoenix.  His items have appeared in American Thinker and numerous broadsheets throughout the Midwest.

Image: Corey Torpie via Wikimedia Commons.

We in the real world laugh while shaking our heads at the Idiot Left.  Anymore that means just about anybody on the Left.

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