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Instead of worrying about unions and why she wasn't being fired immediately, it would have been nice to read something about whether she had a prior relationship with the guy. Still sounds like this was more than a mistake and the "I was in the wrong apartment and just happened to drive home in full uniform" was simply a cover story?
But the Chief was more worried about defending himself from the political nonsense from the media and activists. There is a process that has to take place. Officers have due process rights, especially since they have to make split second decisions that will be immediately second guessed by the usual crowd. Without those protections it's easy for the Municipal authorities to demand the Chief throw the officer under the bus--everyone saw what happened to Darren Wilson after he shot Michael Brown.
Other incidents have occurred where the officer was justified in his or her actions--even if they looked bad on edited video--but because there was no strong union they get quickly tossed to the mob while the Chief makes a speech about how this was the worse misconduct he has ever seen and the officer should be in prison. The media and the activists are happy. Later the municipality lose a few million in a wrongful termination suit and the officer gets their job back if they want it.
Now this lady isn't Darren Wilson but the rules apply to her as well. The Chief's excuse that he was waiting for some administrative process that would help the criminal investigation is lame. That's not the point of the administrative process. Those are separate issues. The Chief should have told the media he had to wait until the investigation showed that at least administratively, the shooting was out of policy and that led to his decision to fire her. He should have said this doesn't mean he's taking a stand on whether she is ultimately guilty or not of the crime for which she is charged--that's for a judge or jury to decide--he is simply using his authority as Chief to make an administrative decision. Then shut up and let the criminal investigation conclude and the judicial process do what it's supposed to do.

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