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8 Nov 2018
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Chris Wallace: We reporters have to stick together -- but Jim Acosta makes it awfully hard

Via Mediaite, people are pointing to what Jon Stewart said last week about the media’s narcissism in wrestling with Trump as a premonition of what happened yesterday at the White House with Acosta. Eh. It’s true that he’s the first cable news reporter who pops to mind when you think “narcissism” and “media.” (Or “narcissism” and anything.) I mentioned him myself in my post about Stewart’s comment. But what Stewart meant was that reporters take sincere offense when Trump calls them “the enemy of the people” and they let that affront color their coverage priorities. They want to fight him on that point and defend their importance to civil society, which leads them supposedly to divert resources from more important policy disputes. It’s narcissism, but narcissism in service to the honest belief that they’re serving the people by tracking what powerful government officials are up to. It’s partly about ego but partly about beating back the authoritarian notion that holding the leader accountable is some sort of light treason.

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