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Harold Goldmeier
24 Sep 2018
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A Tribute to the Israeli Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces are so much more than the picture of raw power perceived in news stories and war-centered history books.  The IDF functions on a daily basis employing stealth and deception in the battle against Israel's unremitting enemies.

Pre-1967, the state and military were perceived as underdogs fighting the good fight against all odds.  The devastating effectiveness and efficiency with which the IDF knocked out and embarrassed Arab armies changed the perception of the IDF and the Jewish people into a conquering military machine.  The success was so decisive that it altered the mindset of the Jewish people from ragtag refugees and the world's piñata into a "don't mess with me" poster child.  Jews are now tough and invincible.

Centuries-long persecutions of the Jewish people, the Enlightenment culminating in the Holocaust, paved the way for implementing the revolutionary thinking called Zionism.  A homeland by legal authority, defended by a Jewish army, morphed into a political ideology, then a state.  Yet there is room for those who also believe in diplomacy, democracy, and prayer.

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