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12 Jul 2018
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America speaks: The greatest president of our lifetimes was ... Barack Obama?

A dumb poll irrespective of the outcome.

But worth publicizing, as it’s sure to irritate Trump if he gets wind of it and then we’ll get a fun, pissy presidential tweet about it.

In fairness to O, he’s a deserving winner. How many other presidents can say that on their watch their party [checks notes] lost control of government at every level?

Overall 31 percent of Americans say Obama did the best job followed by 21 percent who said so of Reagan, then 13 percent who said so of Clinton, and finally 10 percent who said that of Trump. The ranking shifts slightly if you combine first and second choice for “best president.” In that case Obama still leads with 44 percent but Clinton is a narrow second over Reagan (33 percent versus 32) with Trump fourth at 19.

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