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13 Jul 2018
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Did Trump just sink Theresa May and Brexit -- or inadvertently help them out?

That’s an earnest question to UK readers and domestic observers of British politics. The chatterati on Twitter are oohing and ahhing tonight over the Sun interview that Ed linked earlier, which went live while Trump was having dinner with May and the British establishment. Imagine the NYT doing an interview with Macron on the day of his state dinner at the White House in which he alternately declared Trump’s foreign policy a trainwreck, mused that perhaps Mike Pence would be a stellar president, and suggested that a popular U.S. governor was soft on terror — and then having the interview emerge while he and Trump were dining together. That’s basically where we are tonight with Trump calling May’s Brexit plan a nonstarter, saying that May rival Boris Johnson would be an excellent prime minister (while noting, feebly, that he didn’t mean to pit them against each other), and dumping again on his nemesis, London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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