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Ed Straker
12 Jul 2018
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Lib Study: Illegals miss court dates due to confusion, mental illness, bad bus service

About 70% of illegal aliens who claim asylum never bother to show up for their court cases.  They simply disappear "into the shadows" once they are released into the population.  And no wonder, given that courts have found 80% of asylum cases to be bogus to begin with.

It appears that illegals are cynically gaming our immigration system to get a foot in the door, make a false asylum claim, and then disappear into the interior of the country.  But liberals can't have people thinking that, so they have produced a "study" explaining why illegal aliens don't show up for their court dates.  Guess what: it's never their fault!

The "study" gives a variety of reasons to explain the absence of illegal aliens.

1. The immigration court is at fault.  The immigration court never told the illegals to show up!  Or it sent the illegals notices with the wrong court dates!  Why can't our immigration courts be as conscientious as illegal aliens?

2. Some illegal aliens are mentally ill.  Karen, an illegal alien from Honduras, gave birth to an anchor baby soon after she arrived in America and promptly got post-partum depression.  She was so depressed that she missed her court date!

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