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12 Jul 2018
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More Strzok: Let's face it, this hearing is another victory notch on Putin's belt

Ed’s already covered the juiciest parts from this morning’s melee in the House but don’t miss the clip below, in which Strzok kinda sorta hints that Gowdy and Goodlatte are unwitting Russian stooges by grilling him about FBI bias. Tough call for the Resistance now: Will the 2020 ticket be Avenatti/Strzok or Strzok/Avenatti?

The appearance of impropriety in his texts, especially his “we’ll stop it” text, is so egregious that he should have been canned months ago. But he’s within his rights to argue that no actual impropriety has been found, nor will it be found. The best the IG could do in the Emailgate report last month was surmise that *maybe* Strzok had zeroed in on Russiagate in October 2016 rather than chasing down the new lead in Emailgate because he was hoping to find dirt on Trump that would blow up his campaign.

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