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Ed Straker
12 Jul 2018
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Papa John's founder forced to resign for saying someone else used the 'N-word'

John Schnatter, the founder of the Papa John's pizza chain, has been forced to resign as chairman of the board after using the "N word" itself, not the euphemism.

The context? It was during a conference, where Schnatter claimed that Colonel Sanders allegedly called blacks the "N word".

In other words, Schnatter had to resign not for calling a black person the N word, not for even using the N word to describe blacks around white people, but merely saying that someone else used the N word. As of this writing, there was no context which showed that Schnatter approved of Sanders's alleged use of the word, a word that is commonly used to this day by some black people.

But apparently, it is now a crime for white people to use the N word to recount that someone else used the N word.

You can tell how ridiculous this has become when I write an entire article about a word that I am not allowed to spell out. And why not? How can we have an honest discussion about race in America if we cannot even talk about what we're talking about?

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