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4 Nov 2018

Just finished watching. My 2 1/2 cents:

Overall reaction


t was a disgrace. As might have been expected after the last two years. Especially the last couple of questions. White House should completely stop recognizing those organizations as some sort of "press", pull their credentials and refuse them any access to the government at all levels. This should be the lesson that will educate others of what is acceptable and what is not. Why AP, Why CNN or whatever? What not Daily Caller of Breitbart? Just sheer inertia? /s

Trump did fine, I do not see any "missed opportunity" as some claim. Nothing much can be expected from such a meeting.


Of course, there are always quibbles and wishes in such a situation which I respectfully offer.


rump wanted to stress that we have a long history of being able to work together despite "disagreements". He used WWII as an example of working together with "Russia". I know that US officials do this all the time, but it is a source of major annoyance for me. The Russian Federation was formed in 1992. It is just one of 15 current states that came out of USSR when it was dissolved and that were fighting in WWII ( after they switched sides from Hitler to Allies). "Russia" did not participate in WWII.

Seems like a trivial or even anal point, but it is a major domestic propaganda issue in RF and the Kremlin regime is milking it for what its worth. I wish Trump did not abet it.

And I understand that it is probably inappropriate for this setting, but at least everybody should keep in mind that Russia started WWII as an ally of Hitler, not US and Britain. And only switched sides when Nazis backstabbed them. Again - seems like a minor point, but a huge propaganda item in RF, big part of their revanchist ideology. They use the Stalin's term "The Great Patriotic War" which allegedly started on June 22nd, 1941, to mask the fact that they started WWII on the wrong side. We should not abet their propaganda and lies like that.


rump accepted way to breezily the questionable premise that RF has a shared interest with us in fighting Islamic terrorism. It may be true to some extent, as far as domestic terrorism is concerned in the Russian Federation, but RF is also one of the two biggest terror states in the world. It supports terror in the Middle East via Iran, Syria, Hamas, Islamic Jihad. It is involved in the terror war in the east of the Ukrainian Donbas Region and terrorized Ukraine directly in 2013-2014. Putin's regime has a history of terrorizing its own population and its relationship with ISIS is murky at best.

No need to be belligerent on this point in this setting, but I would not bring this up as something US and RF are on the same side of.


rump said that "Russia" has a shared interest with US as it wants peace. This is self-evidently bs, as RF is fighting a war of aggression against its neighbor as we speak and attacked two other neighbors and is occupying their territory. Putin's belligerence against NATO Baliic States is also quite infamous.
Perhaps no need to call him on that in such a setting, but why bring it up when it is self-evidently laughable ?


Somebody wrote that it was a missed opportunity (wombat?).

I do not see how it could have gone much different, apart from some minor quibbles. It is unfortunate, of course, that Putin got such a forum to spread his elaborate lies and propaganda - every word out of his mouth was a lie one way or another, but I trust Trump's judgement on this. He wants to keep his adversaries close and under control? Fine. And I can see how he uses this as a leverage against his frenemies in EU and UK. And I certainly applaud his relentless offensive against Obama's KGB (DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/State) and his exposé of the Democrat's ministry of propaganda (a.k.a DC press). In combination of his dismantling of the Democrat Politburo in SC and other federal courts it keeps me warm and fuzzy inside.