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Jazz Shaw
22 Sep 2018
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Video: Ellison doesn't know who else might have "cooked up" a sexual assault charge against him

So much for “believe the woman” I guess.

While most of the media attention regarding sexual abuse allegations is focused on the Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation these days, a far more recent (and likely credible) case against former Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is flying almost entirely under the radar. As Ed Morrissey noted yesterday, even the voters in Minnesota don’t seem interested in the stories Ellison’s accusers have to tell as he runs for the office of Attorney General in his home state. But that may have changed last night as Ellison debated his Republican opponent, Doug Wardlow. The moderators, to their credit, didn’t shy away from the subject, reading out the allegations made against Ellison by both Amy Alexander and his former girlfriend, Karen Monahan.

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