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12 Jul 2018
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WH on why Kelly made a face when Trump blasted Germany this morning: He didn't like the breakfast

The easy answer when asked why Kelly seemed irritated during Trump’s broadside at the Germans would have been, “He wasn’t. You’re misinterpreting his facial expressions to serve your own anti-Trump agenda.” Which would have been a plausible response. Watch the clip below and you’ll see that there’s nothing *so* obviously disdainful of Trump in Kelly’s mien that it couldn’t have been shrugged off.

What’s interesting and sort of newsy is how lame the actual White House response is.

Typically, when people are “involved in a persuasive effort together,” those in nonspeaking roles will gaze at the person who is talking, occasionally nod to reinforce what they are saying and then look at those on the opposite side of the table to convey a sense of unity, Civiello said. In contrast, she said, Kelly looks away from the table and at the ceiling but rarely at Trump or at the NATO representatives across from him.

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