Qwiket author.. Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
By bobmontgomery
4 Nov 2018


here was a time, back when Jake Tapper was at ABC, when he appeared to be somewhat of a reporter. Now he is a disgusting POS, a "ME, TOO" Trump basher and Jeff Zucker sycophant. Yesterday, I heard him on CNN as I was channel surfing past say to someone that, paraphrasing, "It was on this net work back in February2016 when Donald Trump refused to disavow David Duke." What he conveniently, smugly and calculatingly omitted was that Trump had been asked about Duke over and over and over again, had answered previously in the affirmative in other venues that he detested Klan racism and people like that and finally got tired of it. If he didn;t get up every morning, face a barrage of questions about it and give a lengthy, pointed, rousing anti-racism screed all day long, they were waiting in the wings to catch him not replying specifically and printing or airing that as a refusal to denounce racism.
They are despicable, the lot of them, and I have just about had it with any and all Republican pols who, their pro or con-Trump sentiments notwithstanding, refuse to denounce the American press.
Everyone who is awake knows there is a conspiracy, however loosely coordinated, to take out Trump and anyone who has ever said a kind word about him. And anybody who has half a brain knows that all these "ban the Confederate flag, remove Confederate statues" movements, and all the "check your white privilege" memes, and all the BLM stuff is fostered encouraged and abetted, and at times coordinated, to provoke response either from nationalists, police or both. It is done so not for "justice" or to help "po' black folk" or to obliterate racism, but just the opposite.
I am waiting for Mitch McConnell to call a press conference to denounce, complete with expletives, the Mayor of Lexington, his plan to remove confederate general statues and the entire "obliterate Southern history" movement and vow to defund cities who engage in this crap just like Jeff Sessions and Trump's vows to withhold funds from "sanctuary cities". Yes, I am waiting for Mitch and other R politicians to call this crap out. I am holding my breath. I am turning blue.


And one of the most pronounced and sickening outcomes of the Trump candidacy and presidency to date, but one which we should be grateful to him for because the scales have been removed from our eyes, is the revelation that you can count on almost literally one hand the number of elected politicians, credentialed "journalists", "think tank scholars" or tenured academicians who will speak that same truth to power.